Enrico Iuliano was born in 1968 in Turin, the city where he studied and graduated in sculpture in 1991 at the Arts Academy "Accademia Albertina".
His first exhibitions date back to 1989 with a one-man exhibition at the Unione Culturale Franco Antonicelli of Turin and with the participation first in three city collective exhibitions, and later in national exhibitions, among which it is worth mentioning Splendente (Bright) by Luciano Pistoi, held in Volpaia Castle.
In 1990 and 1992 the artist displayed his works in two solo exhibitions at the Gallery Filippo Fossati in Turin and in 1996 at another solo exhibition entitled Codice Energetico (Energetic Code) held at the Oratory San Filippo Neri, again in Turin, as part of the exposition Proposte (Proposals) promoted annually by Regione Piemonte and organised by Riccardo Passoni. Precisely in that occasion the critic underlines that "...Enrico Iuliano assembles such works where the all-present object - be it a weight, either light or heavy, or a specific kind of scales, tracked down after meticulous research - is treated with a steady procedure, however always experienced on two levels..." (R. Passoni, 1996) which create a relationship between the plastic construction and the environment, searching for a balance of forces at the same time stable and dynamic.
Between 1999 and 2000 he won the prize Pèpiniéres pour le jeunes artistes which granted him a stay in quality of artistes en résidence at the Polytechnic University of Valencia: the studies and works of this period will provide him with the material for a one-man travelling exhibition in the cities of Valencia and Madrid. Particularly relevant are the solo exhibitions of 2001 at the Esso Gallery in NewYork and Mi cama es tu cama (My bed is your bed) of 2004 at the Galeria Almirante in Madrid, exhibitions which "...go back to being actual total installations realised, unlike those of the years between 1989 and 1997, with a distinct multimedial expressive choice. The stress that used to be on the work of art is now on the problem, on the event along with all its implications and nuances..." (F. Parachini, 2006).
In 2005 he took part in the exhibition Posizioni attuali dell'arte italiana (Current positions of Italian art) at the Kunsthalle in Goppingen. This exhibition was later moved to the Palazzo della Permanente in Milan. In that occasion, two of his works were purchased by the German foundation In VAF Stiftung, Affittasi (For lease) and Composizione per getto d'inchiostro (Composition for ink jet), currently on loan at the Museum of Contemporary MART of Trento and Rovereto. The latest important acquisition was made by the GAM in Turin, precisely Composizione per Vespa e secchielli (Composition for wasp and buckets), during the new acquisitions campaign carried out throughout the exposition of Artissima 2005.
In 2006 Iuliano staged his solo exhibition Ink at the Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery in Turin, presenting new works that recuperate the objectiveness of metal structures and recurring figures, this time resolved in a dynamic way, which is more engaging for the viewer to the point that "...objects, which have their own personal history so clearly exhibited, are filtered through an almost linguistic idea of composition, which reorients them and purifies them of all the non-affective and non-significant waste..." (F. Parachini in: Il filtro dell'immagine (2005).
Among the numerous joint exhibitions in which the artist took part, it is worth mentioning the most recent ones: Sguardo consapevole (Aware glance) (held at the PalaFuksas in Turin in 2007 and organised by Francesco Poli and Anna D'Agostino), La Sindrome di Icaro (Icarus Syndrome) and '900. Cento anni di creatività in Piemonte (One Hundred Years of Creativity in Piedmont) (both held in 2008 and organised by Marisa Vescovo, the first in the historic park Seghetti Panichi in Castel di Lama and the second in various piedmontese cities) and finally, in 2009, Collector's choice II, held at the ZKM Museum, Kalsruhe (Germany). In 2011 he took part in the collective exhibition Km011 Arti a Torino (Km011 Arts in Turin) 1995-2011 organised by Luca Beatrice and Gran Torino at the Frost Art Museum in Miami.